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Polish Welcome to Spring

Polish Welcome to Spring Poles look forward to the arrival of spring after the new year, which can be very beautiful and warm in Poland. When March 21 arrives, it is also followed by two holidays. One is quite oldRead More >>

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What Do You Learn on the A2 Course?

Continuing our further journey with the Polish language, in today’s article you will learn what you will learn on the A2 Polish course. If you haven’t already seen the article Online Polish Course for Beginner we invite you to readRead More >>

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Let’s learn Polish phrases

Are you planning your holiday in Poland? Which forms of accommodation to choose? Where is the best place to spend a weekend? Of course, it all depends on your needs and preferences. But you are not sure if you don’tRead More >>

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How to Speak and Learn Polish?

You’ve heard many times that Polish is a difficult language to learn. However, if you start learning it regularly and master the basic phrases, it will become easier and easier over time. it is quite possible to speak it withRead More >>

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Is Polish Hard to Learn?

Learning Polish can be a challenge for non-Slavic language speakers due to the significant differences between these languages. You need to familiarise yourself with new sounds and grammar that can sometimes be confusing even for Polish native speakers. Polish isRead More >>

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Online Polish Course for Beginner

Online Polish Course for Beginner Are you a foreigner and have recently arrived in Poland? Or maybe your girlfriend or wife is from Poland? Or are you simply interested in the country and would like to learn the language? ButRead More >>

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Polish Christmas Traditions

Christmas is one of the most important holidays in Poland. There are many traditions and customs during this special holiday. All Polish people look forward to these holidays, especially children. In mid-November in Poland, you can see that Christmas is coming.Read More >>

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Polish Alphabet

Polish is considered one of the more difficult languages to learn. It will be easier for Czechs or Ukrainians to learn Polish, as their language is similar to ours. However, it will be more difficult for the Japanese, English orRead More >>

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Funny Polish Language

Polish Language Every language in the world has many funny sayings, idioms, slang, diminutives. The Polish language has them too. Poles love to diminish some words and are even masters at inventing new words! In Poland, we have a competitionRead More >>

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Funny Polish Words and Phrases

Learning common Polish phrases and idioms can help you communicate with native speakers but will also come in handy when trying to show off your Polish language skills. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at words and expressionsRead More >>

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Polish Quotes – Sayings for Every Occasion

Sometimes it’s easier to convey what we want to say with a single saying than by using our own words to express it. This, and the fact that the Polish language is very rich in various proverbs and idioms forRead More >>

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How to Say Thank You in Polish?

If you want to speak Polish like a native speaker, simply learning words and phrases by heart is not enough. Of course, you need to know them, but you should also understand how and when to use them so thatRead More >>

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